Today was a helluva grind at the office. Things are massively busy, as always happens after the holidays, and in between putting out fires and my normal routine, I didn't get as much downtime as I'd like to break things up.

What does that mean to still-stick Barb? Well, it meant coming home; eating dinner; taking a long, hot shower; lying down for a moment after...and promptly falling asleep for two hours.

Normally, this would be the sort of night where I say, "Fuck it," and walk the dog and go back to bed. However, I am trying to eat healthier this year, and I needed to get up and bake some chicken breasts for food for tomorrow. I really didn't want to. I wanted to just say, "I'll pick up a salad somewhere."

But I didn't. I did the good thing.

Sometimes doing the good thing sucks.

Night, all.


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