Is it an unwritten law of the universe that you must pay, pay, pay, PAY for any time you take away from the office? Because when you come back, it’s like all hell has broken loose in your absence and you’re forever trying to put out fire after fire after fire. Well, on the plus side, tomorrow is Friday. And that is a very good thing.

With the theme of ringing in the new year, I’ve been trying to get more control over things this year. In the best of times, I’m a bit of a control freak, and that’s not a healthy way to be. It’s not good for my stress, my mood, or my blood pressure. Faced with the prospect of wanting to make so many changes and stay on top of everything that comes with that, I’m feeling a bit off balance.

I know that making massive, sweeping changes in many areas is a recipe for failure. Been there many times. Done that. Failed spectacularly. We’re naturally change-resistant creatures. Why did so many people in Pompeii die when there were ample signs Vesuvius was going to blow? They stayed at home rather than making the change to move.

This time I’m trying to be a bit more sensible. Make a handful of modest changes Week One. Add more Week Two. Keep adding changes and/or making changes more ambitious over time is the goal. Kaizen works, so I guess this is the year of kaizening me. I’m hoping this approach (and the spreadsheets to track progress) are going to keep me honest and on track.

I’m thinking about possibly going to see Star Wars again this weekend. It’s a happy place for me, and I think I deserve a treat for getting through this week.


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