savageseraph: (Hathor (by Cinzia))
( Jan. 8th, 2016 11:15 pm)
Work Week #1 is a wrap, something that I am extremely grateful for. In addition to our high-stress week at the office, a Teamie #1 was like, "Yeah, and we don't even have another day off until May." Way too be depressing, dude. Of course, then Teamie #2 had his iPhone play us the "Everything is AWESOME!" song. I am impressed by his ability to be eloquently sarcastic without even opening his mouth.

And because I am tired, and it is Friday, and I need something silly to make me grin, I give you...Crab People.


Craaaaaaaaaab Peo-ple,
Craaaaaaaaaab Peo-ple.
Taste like crab,
Talk like people.
Craaaaaaaaaab peo-ple.


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