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( Jan. 12th, 2016 11:27 pm)
It's cold and damp here in the South, and neither the small hound nor I are liking this. Coupled with not sleeping enough the last few nights, each morning has been a battle to throw off the covers and get out from under the warm blankets to start the daily routine.

Tonight was supposed to be low stress. Watch the State of the Union address and have some fun online and answer comments. That didn't work out so well, as I had to hear about one of the sis's profs who really screwed with her this morning.

He's one of the administrators of her program and, like many college administrator-ly types, has fuck-all management/leadership skills. Since the sis has worked in the real world, she has expectations for professional behavior and management that aren't quite gelling with what she's facing now. Cue intense ragefulness.

I think I heard the story about 5 times. Over and over. And requests by me for more details, since the sis tends to talk in abstracts, just lead to her going back to the beginning and starting over again.

This has made me way more tired than I already was and disinclined to be social. I'm taking my toys and, uh, going to bed.

Night, all.


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