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( Jan. 19th, 2016 11:16 pm)
Good news. After dicking about in my pantry (in a wiring wall panel) and outside in the box to the building, the tech restored my cable. He said that the connection in the box outside was unplugged. I don't know. They've been screwing around with this so long, I don't believe anything they tell me. However, in restoring the cable, they knocked out my Internet. Luckily I was online working and noticed it while they were still here. Internet is also functional.


Bad news. Everything was on at once tonight. I didn't watch the special on Captain America, so I could watch THE FLASH, and I didn't see the two DC specials or SHADOWHUNTERS so I could watch AGENT CARTER. Of course, I'd be sadder if I saw nothing at all.

More thoughts on those shows tomorrow when I'm not in real danger of falling asleep at the keyboard.
Take, for instance, the cat that looks like Adam Driver.

It is uncanny. And funny. And just plain wrong. All at that same time.

Well, played Kylo!Kat. Well played.


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