I’ve been meaning to talk about the comic shop run last week all week, but various things have thwarted me, as evidenced by my short posts. Last week, I was hanging around at the comic shop talking with Shelley (the woman who owns/runs it). We talk all things geek, and I play with her dog. Everyone is happy.

I’d already been there awhile, when these two older guys came in. The one was hideously socially awkward. Like at one point he asked if we watched Dr. Who and which was the best Doctor. Shelley does and had two she liked, and then he started playing multiple Dr. Who sound clips on his phone. He was, ironically, less irritating than his friend.

They were browsing, and Shelley noticed I’d picked up the Coloring Book Variant cover for GRAYSON. I said I had because it was prettier than the regular cover. She asked if I checked out the WONDER WOMAN one, because she thought it was super pretty. So we went to look at that one, and even though I’m not reading the series, she was right. I might’ve picked it up too.

Well, the other guy comes over and tries to tell us that if we like female superheroes, we should try the new female Wolverine. Like the owner of the shop needs to be schooled on what to read. Shelley and I are, of course, reading it already. Then he goes on to talk about THOR and about how people don’t really like that Thor’s a chick now and that’s hurt the comic but we might like it. Because it’s a woman. Shelley then schooled him because while she lost some subscribers when Marvel made the change, A LOT more people added the title. It’s one of her stronger sellers.

I’m still baffled by this idea that many men seem to have that women should like and be drawn to something JUST because it features a woman. Especially in the realm of comics where female characters have a checkered past (and present). But I digress.

So Irritating Man then wants to see some of her pricier and collectors issues from the case. She brings out some of them for him to look through. I’m standing at the checkout with my stash. And he sees I have some DEADPOOLs on top. Marvel released some $1 reprints of classic DEADPOOL eps in the run up to the movie. I got Deadpool’s wedding and a musical issue. He started going on about how there was one issue over there I should get and why, and my eyes sorta glazed over, and Shelley was like, “She’s not really a DEADPOOL reader. She just wants a few of the fun stories.”

He then finds a Batman issue and goes on about the sequence it’s part of, and Shelley has a few things to say about it to him. And to me, she says, “You know, you’d like that sequence. In it Wonder Woman ends up with Batman, and it’s all because Bruce Wayne loves her for her brains and her inner self.” And then the two of us go off on our “Batman is WAY hotter than Superman, so that is the way things SHOULD be” tangent.

And Irritating Man interrupts us again. And he’s all like, “Okay. I have a question for you. There’s the new BATMAN VS SUPERMAN movie coming out, who do you want to come out on top, Batman or Superman?” Now, given the conversation Shelley and I had been having up until this point, it was a stupid question to ask. She and I had eye contact during this whole thing, and as one, we said the only reasonable thing: “Wonder Woman.”



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