savageseraph: (Brighteye (by aurorasfate))
( Feb. 10th, 2016 09:26 pm)
Why yes, Wednesday kicked my ass. Work was a non-stop stream of crazy including a client issue right at the end of the day that had me at the office about a half hour late. Meh.

This is in addition to my bonus sick. This weather, bouncing between cold and hot, which means being exposed to heat and no heat inside is kicking my sinuses' collective ass. I'm feeling sort of all over cold, which isn't me at all. Of course, my one officemate (the one who suggested I upgrade to Windows 10 last week) has sick spouse and kid, so if I get sick, I'm totally blaming him for being the plague bearer.

Perhaps tomorrow will be cuddle up under a fuzzy blanket instead of cuddling up with the foul-mouthed superhero. The prospect of this makes me sad.


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