Hey all.

Wow. There are so many cobwebs here. I clearly need to do some cleaning. Spiffy things up for folks.

2016 has been kicking my ass. The major ass-kickery came from having to move. My apartment complex was bought by a new company and over the last two years they’ve been massively renovating apartments and jacking up the rent. As they do. So this summer I got the notice: move to a renovated unit or move.

While the renovated units are SUPER NICE, they were more than I wanted to pay. However, in looking at other places, other apartments weren’t that much cheaper and most had smaller floorplans. If I stayed, I could move right across the breezeway. I’d still be on the ground floor and still facing into a forested space. And only one family lived here post-renovation.

So I’ve been working on slowly packing and getting ready and then moving and cleaning. Moving makes me and the dog exceptionally anxious and though we are all moved, I’m surrounded by boxes. And boxes. And boxes.

My whole body hurts. I have bruises all over, and I’m feeling stretched and worn. I guess I’m in the bounce-back phase.

How is everyone? Good summers? Looking forward to fall?
It’s that time again. Not only is it the 15th Anniversary of LORD OF THE RINGS, but it’s the 11th Annual Sons of Gondor Trick or Treat Exchange. If you still write LOTR or LOTrips fic or if you used to and you’d like to dip your toes back, we’d like to have you come and write with us.

The informational post for the exchange can be found here:


And you can sign up here:


The deadline for signups is 10/2 at midnight Pacific time.


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