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( Oct. 29th, 2016 11:50 pm)

Many years ago, [ profile] foxrafer and [ profile] stormatdusk started a fun tradition when they found out that [ profile] shegollum had never been trick or treating. They decided that we could have our own virtual trick or treating. People who wanted to participate would post a picture of a door, and trick or treaters stopped by to knock on the doors (leave a comment) and get a treat of some kind. It could be a ficlet, a poem, a picture.

So if you’re inclined to trick or treat this year, leave a comment on this post, and (optionally) tell me what you’re dressed as. If you want to leave some notes about the sorts of candy you prefer (fandoms, characters, general prompt, question, etc,), I will do my best to provide a treat of some kind for your goody bag.

Because I always find myself busy in unplanned ways for the holiday, I’m putting up this post today with comments screened, so only I can see them. This gives me a little time to make some candy ahead of time so I can hand it out on the holiday. However, I’ll also repost on Halloween.

If you'd also like to participate in a fun and fantastic fandom holiday tradition, just post a door in your LJ and instructions to lure the unwary to your lair. Yes, it's okay to knock here even if you aren't posting yourself. The more the merrier!

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!


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