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( Nov. 2nd, 2016 11:59 pm)
Today, I wrote 1955 words in that same 2.5 hours timeframe.

Writing at lunchtime, yeah.... That didn't work out so well. Will try again tomorrow.

Snippet of the Day:

Tallon Deveere glided through the ballroom, a predator among a muster of peacocks. Ladies in glittering gowns huddled in pairs or trios, watching him with suspicious eyes, hiding their whispers behind hastily raised fans. It wasn’t every day the city’s most infamous pariah graced them with his presence, and they would have this to gossip over in their afternoon teas for at least a month.

If the ladies in room regarded him with suspicion, the gentlemen responded with open hostility. The most shifted away from him as he passed, as if his taint could rub off on them if he got too close. Others reached for swords none of them were unfashionable or boorish enough to wear to a social event. He saw some hands curl into impotent fists none of them would dare raise against him. They might hate him, but they didn’t have the balls to challenge him.


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