So on Monday, the sis and I were walking the dogs before bed. It was a crappy day, weather-wise, here in the ATL. Rainy and chilly. No storms or Southern downpours, just steady winter showers.

As we walk, there's this flash of light. Now there was heavy, low cloud cover, so it really lit up the whole sky. Lightning, you might think. Well, we did too. But the light was green. The streetlights, though not the building lights, flicker and fade, but they don't entirely go out. The filaments glow an angry orange-red. Then there's this low THWFUMM sound. It wasn't like any thunder I've ever heard.

We see some more flashes of the green light. Though they seem to be coming from a different direction. Then after a little, there's another one close and off to our side where the first one came from. There's another THWFUMM sound, and then the streetlights come back on.

Nothing else happens after that. At least not that we know. The sis was like, "We're going back the fuck inside RIGHT NOW." And we did. The dogs never seemed fussed, but the sis was quite insistent that I stay away from the windows and balcony so as not to tempt the creepy-ass lights from coming back.

I have no idea what the hell happened, but it was both creepy and cool.


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