savageseraph: (BookMagic)
savageseraph ([personal profile] savageseraph) wrote2016-11-01 11:36 pm

NaNo - Day One...

I cranked out 1812 words in about 2.5 hours. How the hell did that happen?

Tomorrow, I need to get some of my daily progress done at lunchtime at work.

Snippet of the Day:

“You pull your strikes. When you’re fighting. It’s always the attack. Never on defense. You’re rarely knocked on your ass, let alone knocked out. And yet you rarely ever win.”

She could lie. She wanted to lie, but even though she couldn’t see the other masters because Worrun’s bulk shielded her from them, she knew they were watching. She nodded, not trusting her words.

Worrun grunted, scrubbed his fingers through his perpetually mussed hair. “If you stay, that stops. No more holding back in the ring.”

Of all the things she’d been asked to do since she came to the Spire, at last half of which seemed impossible, this one frightened her the most.

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