Well, today was super painful. I went to see Dr. Strange, which meant I got home tired and wanting to tumble into bed. However, I had not NaNoed, and I almost didn't. Today wasn't a great night in terms of what I produced, but I made my goal.

Today's word count was 1,744 (for 5,511 total).

Snippet of the Day:

“But that’s not true.”

“Truth is the pauper to fiction’s prince. You’ll spare yourself a lot of pain once you learn that lesson.

From: [identity profile] batmarg.livejournal.com

Seconding the "how was Dr. Strange?" question. Not sure when I'm going to manage to squeeze it in, but I'm hoping to soon.

And yay on making your goal! :)

From: [identity profile] gothrockrulz.livejournal.com

Sorry you had a rough day. Your snippet is *gorgeous*, writing beautifully when exhausted is pretty metal.

Hope you enjoyed Dr. Strange!


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