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The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

I am so sorry.

To my friends here in the US, I’m sorry there weren’t enough of us to turn the tide last night. To my friends outside the US, I’m sorry America didn’t do better last night.

I’m sorry we didn’t take a stand against racism and sexism, against homophobia and Islamophobia, against anti-Semitism and ridicule of the disabled.

I’m sorry we didn’t take a stand against sexual assault.

I’m sorry we didn’t take a stand against bullying and narcissism and mean-spiritedness and ignorance and intolerance and hate.

I’m sorry we didn’t take a stand against the vilification those who don’t agree with us and the dealing in conspiracy theories and outright lies.

I’m sorry we didn’t take a stand against nationalism and exclusion and division.

I’m sorry we didn’t take a stand for treating each other with compassion and respect and thoughtfulness and care.

I proud that nearly 60 million of my fellow Americans did stand against those things. A slender majority of the popular vote. However, I’m sorry--so deeply sorry—that nearly 60 million of my countrymen did not and that their voices overruled ours.

Today at work, we gathered in small groups to share our pain, our sorrow, our disillusionment. We were bound together by those feelings. Like mourners at a funeral, we needed to talk through our grief and loss. Those conversations will continue for a long time.

Because you see, one other thing we shared was the unshakable conviction we didn’t want this man who embodied the worst in us to represent what should be the best about us. To inhabit the house and the office that is the symbol of our country.

I’m tired. And I’m sad. And I'm soulsick. And I’m discouraged to my core.

And I’m very, very sorry.
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From: [personal profile] lordhellebore

♥ It is discouraging. I just hope that after a time of shock and dismay, people won't give up.

From: [identity profile] limonatafic.livejournal.com

So eloquent. ♥ I hope, I hope, I hope. I can only hope.

My friends are heartbroken. I'm so sad that only half the population voted. In Australia we have mandatory voting and I always wonder what effect that would have on the US. Hard to say. Sure would be different though...

From: [identity profile] bluegerl.livejournal.com

You never know... you might well be very nicely surpised.

All I want is for it all to be bloody forgotten!

From: [identity profile] foxrafer.livejournal.com

I was upset and disappointed when Bush Jr. won twice, but that was nothing to how I feel now. It's our country at its worst, and that hatred, ignorance and the blatant disregard of facts should have won the day is so discouraging.