The holidays are over, and now, it's back to the grind. Happy Freaking New Year. While going back to the office after being away on vaycay is always hard, I think it's complicated for me this year because of how sick I was post-Thanksgiving. I was off sick the week of 11/30. I was still sick and worked at home the week of 12/7. I took the Friday of the next week off because, well, STAR WARS! The week after that, I worked from home a half day on Christmas Eve and had Christmas Day off. Then I was off the next week for vacation.

This will be my first full week at work since the week before Thanksgiving.

The hellish thing is that I still haven't shaken this crud. Sure it's like 80% gone, but there are lingering pockets of it that just won't leave. My sinuses still feel irritated and dry and inflamed. I've started spraying them now, which I'm hoping helps.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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