Gail Simone’s stint writing the She-Devil with a Sword brought me around to reading RED SONJA. Yes. It surprises me too, as sword-and-sorcery fantasy isn’t exactly my favorite read. However, Simone’s writing and the strong artwork won me over, and I fully intended to give up once Simone’s tenure ended.

Then Dynamite sponsored the SWORDS OF SORROW series this fall, where Simone and other female comics writers took over Dynamite’s pulp princesses in the main series and related one-shots and mini-series.

Just after SWORDS OF SORROW Dynamite announced they’d teamed with Simone and Nicola Scott to redesign Red Sonja, Vampirella, and Dejah Thoris. Their goal wasn’t to modernize and strengthen some of the original bad-ass fictional women they see as the wellspring from whence Buffy and Princess Leia sprang.

Okay. So I’m sticking with RED SONJA (and might even give the other titles a whirl). Don’t judge me.

Two Covers for Issue One:




The Details:

Dynamite Comics
Story: Marguerite Bennett
Art: Aneke


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